Jesus + Spit = Sight!


September 29, 2016

John 9 

I remember being in middle school, 6th grade or so, when I first realized Jesus spit.  Jesus spit?  Goodness, my friends spit; I spit.  My whole baseball team spit!  And we were good at it!  But, Jesus?  Granted, our spit Olympics were not productive (except to irritate a few others).  But Jesus?!  Wow!  Jesus made mud and placed them on a grown man’s eyes, blind eyes in fact.  After the man obeyed Jesus’ command to go wash (obedience plays an important role, eh?), he was able to see.  For the first time in his life he was able to see!

But true to form with the Jewish leadership, no good miracle goes unpunished.  As I read through chapter 9 of John’s gospel the same basic situation plays out, again and again.  There’s more of the same bickering and ridicule against Jesus and/or His followers.  In v. 21 I notice even the former blind man’s parents are careful not to get too associated with their son (for they too were afraid of the Jews).

I do find it interesting that the disciples basically asked ‘who’s fault is it’ with regards to why the man was born blind.  I hear people ask similar questions today. “What did I do to deserve this cancer?”  “What did I do to deserve three miscarriages?”  “What did I do to deserve a child with Down’s Syndrome?”  Oh, the questions go on and on.  Men and women, even young adults and teenagers struggle over such questions trying to make sense of their lives and the struggles and situations they find themselves in.  I believe there are two kinds of people:  those who have had very difficult times and those who will.  Difficulties, like a thunder storm, come in all sizes and shapes.  We live in a broken, fallen world.  Sinfulness is all around and we, as well as creation, are waiting to be restored in the Last Day.  Until then, may we see the difficulties as opportunities for God to work His Will of Healing.  He heals.  God heals in Miracles, Medically, and in Mercy as He calls one home to eternal rest in Him.

Jesus did many miracles of healing blind people.  Certainly not all of them are included in John’s gospel (20:30-31).  Nevertheless, the healing of the blind (as well as the crippled, deaf, etc.) were known to be a part of the Messiah’s ministry (Isaiah 29:18; 35:5;42:7).

Once again I see the humility in the one who is changed by Christ’s words of love and compassion while seeing the arrogance of those unwilling to accept Jesus at His word.

PRAYERJesus, You are the Great Physician. You walk with me in my days of struggle.  Some of those days are a real struggle physically, while some are emotionally or just full of stress.  No matter my condition, I know You are God who cares, loves, and is at work in my life.  Thank You for the healings in my past.  I know You’ll never let me down in the future.  Amen.

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