A Present Evil Age


Galatians 1: 1-6

October 14, 2016

I begin a journey through the ancient letter to the Galatians written by St. Paul nearly 2,000 years ago.  Not surprising, the content of this letter is just as applicable today as it was then.  That’s God’s Word for ya!

Paul begins in a familiar way. He states who he is and the authority from which he writes.  He reminds his hearers that God has called him as an apostle to proclaim the gospel of Jesus in the midst of the current society.

And how does Paul describe the society?  The culture is described as “the present evil age.” (v. 4; NIV)  Yet, he doesn’t focus on the evil age, his focus is on the Son of God who has come to rescue people from it.  He doesn’t say it is the job of the people to change society.  Oh, sure, Christians will have their impact, but the goal of the Christian life is not to make some utopia here on earth but to testify to God’s love found in Christ and the glorious life that awaits all who believe.

As I ponder the culture of his day, I ponder mine as well.  How are things different?  How are they the same?  Technologies are different; much more advanced; amazing, in fact.  Yet the sinful nature of man hasn’t changed.  From our political landscape to our entertainment industry, from terrorism to prejudice, I see so many integrity-lacking people who are greedy, power-hungry and selfish.  Then, as a sinful man, I look in the mirror and see my own faults.  The failures in my past, the struggles of my present, the uncertainties of my future, and I realize that all of us, ALL of us, are in the same situation.  We need a Savior to rescue us from this present evil age.

I am thankful for God’s grace that doesn’t condemn me or anyone but seeks to save me and all who believe in the Son, Jesus, the Christ.  It is this wonderful, amazing grace which is the focus of Paul’s letter to the Galatians.  It is because of this wonderful, amazing grace Paul encourages the people of Galatia to not forget, to not depart from, to not desert nor abandon the true gospel of Jesus for some other way of the world or religious ceremony (More on that in my next blog).

PRAYERLord and Savior, send Your Holy Spirit to strengthen my faith so I can trust in Your work of grace and love above all things in this broken world.  Work in me, forgiveness of sins, so that Your light of love can shine in this darkened world, touching hearts where You deem appropriate.  Amen.

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