Credentials and a Discipleship Process

Galatians 1:11-24  img_0811

Oct 19, 2016

Do you put much stock in a person’s schooling?  If you needed a brain surgeon, I suspect you’d want one who had better than a C average and a little experience.  If you were audited by the IRS and needed a tax man, would you settle for the teenager next door?  How about a theologian?  Any training needed or would you be satisfied learning from a person with a degree off Facebook?

Paul must have been questioned about his credibility (or knew that he would be) with regards to his authority to speak on behalf of the Christian faith as an apostle of the Lord Himself.  He articulates his credentials right away (v.1) and yet fleshes out the practical, logistical, earthly experience he had leading up to where he was (vv. 11-24).  He admits how he was sold out against the Christian faith and his passion to destroy it (v. 13).  He articulates then how Jesus confronted him and led him away to learn and develop in the ways of God.

This is his personal discipleship development.  He then put it into practice the rest of his life.

If someone asked you, “How is your personal discipleship process going,” how would you answer?

If someone asked you, “Would you like a little more focused discipleship and mentoring in life,” how would you respond?

Strange questions?  Or, do they hit the nail on the head for you as you seek to learn more about God and grow in His love and Spirit and then reflect that in your daily living of love and service to others?

God is developing us all.  Yet it is good to be intentional.  Paul was intentional to grow in Christ.  I am asking myself, “How am I seeking to be intentional?”  Perhaps you can ask yourself that same question.  If you want to join me in being intentional, let me know.  Send me an email or comment on this blog.  We can tag up sometime.  Have a little coffee and begin some discussions about where and how God is leading.

PRAYERAlmighty Father in Heaven, continue to disciple me and train me in the ways I should go.  For the various places I’ve lived, the various seasons I’ve experienced, the various people I’ve met and worked with, I am thankful.  May it continue according to Your Will.  Amen. 

(The photo is one I took at Multnomah Falls in Oregon just last week.  Gorgeous reminder of God’s constant love and grace developing us as His children.)

2 thoughts on “Credentials and a Discipleship Process

  1. Jeff,

    Thank you very much for your teachings. Since I have started following your blog, every single one of your articles has pertained to my life in the active moment. I am not, however, surprised about that. Throughout our college courses and business ventures, you always seem to get the direct message from Jesus and it’s pretty cool. I’m pretty sure he leaves you voicemails. I’m just saying. Haha. Thank you for your writings. I look forward to them every day.

    Sean Michael

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