The Law and the Promise

img_0896Galatians 3:15-25

October 25, 2016

Reading through this section of chapter 3, I find a few interesting statements.  First, what struck me was St. Paul’s attempt to put his message in a practical, easy to understand way for his readers.  We do the same thing in our writings, sermons, teachings, etc.  Paul emphasizes the singular reference of Abraham’s offspring (seed – v. 16 NIV) to be Jesus, the One and Only Son of God.  In Christ Jesus, the promise is seen and fulfilled.

I also was impacted by vv. 19 & 24 which describe why the law was given as well as the purpose of the law.  The Why question is answered simply.  It was because of the sinfulness of man.  Man needed to know of his sinful ways as contrary to the ways of God.

The purpose of the law was not only to bring awareness to man’s heart and mind about sin, but a greater purpose…to lead us to Christ (v. 24).  God is at work, through the law and the gospel, all of which leads us to Christ.  Christ is where we find the law fulfilled, the promise of hope and salvation for all who believe.  We are no longer prisoners (v. 23) in faithless living, but we’ve been set free from that bondage and now can live in Freedom in Christ!  Alleluia!

PRAYERDearest Jesus, I thank You for setting me free from sin, death and the power of the devil.  Your work on the cross accomplished such amazing work for me and I’m truly thankful.  Provide for me opportunities to share this amazing grace with others I meet who are struggling in living under the law trying to earn Your favor as well as to those who are under the law and don’t even realize the danger their soul is in.  Amen. 

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