Are You Missing Out?

Have you ever missed out on seeing God’s work only to later realize what you missed?  Mark 6:1ff records an account of Jesus going to His hometown of Nazareth.  On that specific Saturday (Sabbath Day) Jesus taught in the synagogue.  Now, even a town as small as Nazareth could have a synagogue because only ten married Jewish men committed to gathering together were required to have a synagogue.  Now in these synagogues it was customaryimg_0018 for visiting rabbis (teachers) to have the opportunity to teach during their visits/travels.  Here Jesus returns back to His hometown and does what is customary and yet the people of the town took offense at Him.

Although they recognized that Jesus taught with authority unlike the other teachers, although they realized He had done miracles, although He spoke the Truth and they couldn’t argue with His content, they still missed out on the fact that it was the Messiah, in their midst, God in the flesh, sent to them to save them!  They were missing out on the amazing good stuff happening because their hearts were hard to the Truth.  Yes, they took offense and failed to see the amazing things happening.

What amazing things are happening in your life?  Could there be some that you have ignored, or worse, rejected and grown cold to?  Do you have a child or a spouse that is doing some amazing things but you wish things were different, and because things are not different, you fail to see what God is developing in that loved one?  Do you look at your finances and fail to see what God is providing and only focus on what you haven’t seemed to acquire?  Do you go to work each morning harboring a grudge against a coworker all the while having failed to be amazed that God has forgiven your sins in Christ?

Don’t miss out on the life God wants for you.  See God at work in your life each day.  It may be grand and powerful events He does.  He may be working in the little things.  It may be ongoing, routine, perhaps even mundane things in which God is at work.  But know, God is at work in our lives.  His Holy Word has much to teach us.  May we have hearts to receive and not be offended at His Law and Gospel Truth.

PRAYER:  Dearest Jesus, Your holy word does indeed convict me at times and my initial response may be that I’m offended.  Yet Your Word is Truth.  Mine is only Truth if it is truly based on Yours.  Open my eyes and heart, O Lord, to see Your work in my life and in the lives of others around me.  Don’t let me miss out on Your amazing work.  Help me to appreciate what You are doing and to rejoice and be amazed as one of Your children.  Amen.


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