The Remarkable Thing about Ashes


ash_wednesdayIs it their color?  How, when they are in the process of burning, they turn ghostly white at times, with a bright red hue on the edge, while all the range grays to black slowly take over until its death?

Is it their crinkle?  How each piece seems different when closely examined, crinkled and crumbled, lighter than a feather, tossed about by the slightest wind?

Although those can be fascinating to watch, the most remarkable thing about Ashes is that they won’t stay Ashes.

Because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, life after death is a reality for all who believe in Him and trust in Him for such salvation.  Although you and I will die, although this world, our earth and heavens, will crumble to their demise, the Word of the Lord will stand forever and His Word promises a new heaven and a new earth along with life everlasting.

Such is the Remarkable thing about Ashes.  This LENT, we journey through the gospel of Mark and in this journey you’ll see how the life of Jesus is truly reMARKable to bring victory over sin, death and the power of the devil.

PRAYER“Almighty God, those powerful words of Scripture, “From the dust you came and to dust you shall return,” (Genesis 3:19) remind us of our mortality.  Yet Your Word also reminds us of the life that awaits all who believe in Jesus (John 3:16).  Give us strength in the struggles to live remarkable lives in Your love.  Amen.”

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