Light Speed!


How fast is the speed of light?!  FAST!  The exact speed is 299,792,458 metres per second.  It takes 8 minutes for light to travel from the sun to the earth.  That’s crazy fast!  And yet, it still takes time.  

God took His time, the proper time, to send Jesus, the true Light of the world, into the world.  St. Paul says when the fullness of time had come, God sent His Son. (Galatians 4:4).  Even though God knew He’d be sending His Son as far back as Genesis 3, it took time.

As we celebrate the Epiphany (every year on Jan 6), we are reminded of the great star that shined in the sky leading the magi first to Jerusalem and then to Christ Himself.  (Matthew 2)  Even though they were led by the Light, it took time.

I wonder how often we want God to reveal Himself, to lead us, to take us to our destination, yet get frustrated that it is taking too much time.  We are not patient enough.  Perhaps there are things for us to learn along the way.  Look around.  Pay attention to the journey.  God’s blessings may not be instantaneous…but they do come.

PRAYER:  “Father in Heaven, Lord of Light, shine Your light into my life and help me be a light for You in this darkened world.  Meet the needs of Your people and keep them strong as we face many struggles, temptations, and voices that lead us astray.  May Your people still seek You, for You first sought us.  Amen.” 

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