42 Seconds with 30 Sayings of Jesus

OCT 19

“You have heard it said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’  But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”  Matthew 5:43-44

alone calm faith light
Photo by Garon Piceli on Pexels.com

We Christians like the words of Jesus that are nice and comfortable.  These words, however, strike at our core, just as they would have Jesus’ followers back in the day.  It is much easier to love my neighbor than to love those who stand against me.  Yet, we are called to love all people.  We are called to be like Jesus in this world.  Jesus loved all people, even the Jewish leaders, with whom He spoke some harsh words of warning to them on numerous occasions.

Loving our enemies is not the same as being a push over or a door mat, letting others do whatever they please with us.  We stand for Truth while having compassion on others, even our enemies.  Loving my enemy will mean that I take time to pray for them.  Truly pray for them.  Also, loving my enemy will mean that I take time to help them when in need.   It would also mean that I point them to Jesus, His love, forgiveness, truth and God’s call to all of us to repent of our sins.  Loving others, whether our neighbors or our enemies, can be more difficult than it seems.  Yet, our God is Love.  Let Him work through you.

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