Genesis 1

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In the beginning we find God actively at work, “in the beginning.”  There is no origin of God; He is already in existence; and already at work creating the heavens and the earth.  In six days God created it all with significant design, structure and order.  Each day God calls His creation, “Good.”  Did you notice when He says His creation is, “very good?”

Many questions have arisen about God, time, this world, etc., simply based on this text of Genesis.

  • Are these days actual 24 hours?
  • If so, is God creating an aged earth? After all, the winged birds and great sea creatures seem to show fully grown animals (which takes time from our perspective). Therefore, could God’s creation of the earth exhibit portions that had been ‘developed’ with age?
  • Who was God talking to when He said, “Let us make man in our image?” (Himself; Trinity?)
  • Why did it take God six days to create everything? He could have simply done it in one day, right?

These are just a few questions that often arise when people read through this chapter.  Volumes and volumes of books and commentaries have been written to describe and explain these wonderful works of God.  This lil’ blog could not examine these thoroughly; however, if a person asked my what my basic, brief answers would be, I’d say, “Yes, Yes, Yes, and yes, He could have, but He is giving us a structure (the week) to live by.  So, enjoy the journey through Genesis and remember how God’s creation was originally “very good.”

PRAYER: “Creator of the universe, help us to trust in You, in this world, and the next.   In Jesus’ strong name I pray.  Amen.”


3 thoughts on “Genesis 1

    1. BTW, my blessing of your week was also an inference to the real blessing of God’s structure and order, neither of which are results of chaos but instead of his divine plan. This envelopes me in great comfort each time I consider it! Creation; a REAL “Yay God” moment! 🙂


  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Me too! The real question facing us – in my humble opinion – has to do with whether we recognize that we are creatures of the Creator, and as such accountable to Him. To that I also say, “Yes.” Amen!

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