Chapter 2

The Seventh Day begins this chapter.  The day God rested, the Sabbath, the final day of the week.  It becomes holy (i.e.. set apart for God).  Then, we basically have another creation account, this time focused in on the creation of the first man and woman.  While chapter 1 focuses on an overview, chapter two focuses on the pinnacle of God’s creation, mankind, in a very personal way.

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You may have noticed that in Chapter 1, the word, God, was used.  In Chapter 2, the word Lord is used.  In Hebrew, God (Elohim) is a more generic term while Lord (Yahweh) is much more personal.  These different names used coincide with the focus of the chapter.  Chapter 2 offers a more insightful, personal account of creation than chapter 1.

PRAYER:  Dear Lord, I thank You for creating a beautiful world.  Help me slow down my busy life so that I can take notice of Your creation.  In Jesus’ strong name I pray. Amen.”

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