Chapter 4

Sin – Wrath – Grace – Providence
This seems to be a recurring theme in Genesis as we see the people of God sin, then experience an aspect of wrath, then an aspect of God’s grace and then God’s care. It happened to Adam and Eve in chapter 3, it is happening to Cain in this chapter (and keep an eye out for it in the chapters to come).

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Here in this chapter more questions arise as we look at the text. For example, “Why was Abel’s offering accepted by God while Cain’s was not?” Many will say it came from a sincere heart. Others will say Abel’s offering was from his best stock, while Cain’s was just some grain from the earth, not necessarily the best grain (not first-fruits giving). Another question that surfaces is, “Where did Cain’s wife come from?” Some think that it was a sister from Adam and Eve. Some think that God had made other people, yet, the story of God follows just one primary family line.

In our culture today we cry “foul!” on imaging marriage of a brother and sister. However, if they were the only people on the earth, I don’t think it would mean much back then. We must always be careful not to read our culture into the culture of the biblical text. Let Scripture speak as it is. Afterall, this is an account of God’s action and work in humanity and in this world. Genesis is less an account of actual history and more of an account of His-Story. Enjoy His Story as you read about God’s saving work throughout the generations.

PRAYER: Father in heaven, keep me from being too confused about the things I don’t understand in Your Word while helping me focus and treasure that which is clear and concise. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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