Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Ever feel forgotten? Wonder if your family or friends really give much thought about you? Ever wonder if your boss really cares about you as a person, or only the productivity you produce? Ever wonder if God really knows you exist? After all, we live in such a vast universe with billions of people.

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Perhaps Noah (or at least his family) could have wondered similar things, especially being on an ark for such a long time. The first verse of chapter 8 tells us God remembered Noah. We might think that God had forgotten about Noah and then all of a sudden, He remembered, “Oh, yeah, I’ve got a little family in a boat they built!” No, but instead, God remembers, He connects Himself to them once again. The Keil Delitzsch commentary puts it this way, “God’s “remembering” was a manifestation of Himself, an effective restraint of the force of the raging element.”

There will be times in our life when storms come and we may wonder if God is with us in the storm. He is. He is Immanuel (God with us). There will also be times when God really moves, really moves in our lives and we experience His amazing work. Sometimes we may just be floating along while other times we may be riding the rapids of faith! May God bless you as He stills the waters of chaos, makes them recede ever so gradually, so that you can start again in His grace…just like Noah and his family.

PRAYER: “Heavenly Father, forgive me of my doubts of Your presence and Your care in my life. I humbly pray for Your help to guide me through these rough waters of life. May the moments of chaos be stilled and may I live in Your peace and grace. In Jesus’ strong and precious name, Amen.”


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