Know Your Ancestry? – Genesis 10

Are you an fan?  Many people are curious about their heritage these days, willing to spend $$$ on having their DNA tested in hopes that information will be obtained about those long-lost relatives.  In this tenth chapter of Genesis we see a nice genealogy of the sons of Noah and their descendants.  Lots of strange names for the causal reader.  Probably one of those chapters that people skip over.  Let me encourage you, however, to take notice of a few of these names, especially Nimrod (note the locations of Babylon and Nineveh in Assyria) as well as Canaan (whose descendants will one day be settled in the Promised Land that Joshua is empowered to conquer).

grayscale photo of baby feet with father and mother hands in heart signs
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This lineage of ancestry is another good reminder that God works through history, forming His Story.  We don’t have all the details and there will be people, places and things we are unsure of.  However, we know that God is working out His redemptive plan.  He has been and continues to do so.  Take notice of how God has worked in your ancestry.  May you be influential to those who follow you.

PRAYER:  “Heavenly Father, help me see Your work in those who have come before me.  Work through me today so I can be a blessing to those who come after me.  In Jesus’ strong name, Amen!”

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