Winter is Coming – Chapter 14

It seems like a story line from GOT. Kings aligning themselves against other kings. Battling for territory. When Lot, his family and possessions are captured, Abram then gets in the mix. He recruits men from his own family and men who are born in his household (318 in all). They go defeat Kedorlaomer and the kings aligned with him, rescuing Lot, family and possessions.

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The King of Sodom wants to give him a generous cut of the victory but Abram doesn’t accept it. Could this be a bit of humility? It could be that Abram doesn’t care too much for Sodom and their livelihood. He doesn’t want to be indebted to them, or to have people say that Sodom made Abram rich. Remember, Abram was already wealthy. He didn’t need any more possessions and thus no need for an unwanted alliance with what had become a wicked city. Abram is just glad to have rescued his nephew and more.

PRAYER: “Father in heaven, thank You for rescuing me. Not leaving me in despair but remembering me, seeking me, and through the blood of Jesus, paying for my sins and helping me to have a new life in Christ. Help me be content and live honorably in Your grace, peace and joy. In the strong, rescuing name of Jesus. Amen.”

One thought on “Winter is Coming – Chapter 14

  1. “He doesn’t want to be indebted to them,” I like the idea that he was not wanting to be indebted to the King of Sodom, but as you said, Abram was already wealthy so his needs were met. How often it is though when those with ample do fall victim because they cannot be content with the LORD’s provision for them. May we always find our most ample God-given provisions in the abundance of his wonderful Word and Word made Flesh, Jesus.


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