Let’s Make a Deal? – Genesis 15

Ever wonder about how your life will turn out? Will you be married? Go to college? Have children? Retire comfortably? Go to heaven? God reminds us, as He reminded Abram, that His plans for us are good and we need to trust Him. Abram believed in the promises of God and because of this faith, God credited it to him as ‘righteousness.’ Being righteous is a matter of faith, not deeds. Deeds stem forth from being righteous (i.e., having faith). Abram, a sinner, is also righteous. Good news for us today, too.

Note how God made the covenant with Abram. God didn’t say, “Let’s make a deal” and require things from Abram in equal exchange for the things of God. No, this covenant is a Divine Covenant, meaning that it is a “one way” covenant, a deal made by God and kept by God because of His word and promise, not depending on anything from Abram. God will make it happen. Period. We read of the foreshadowing of the Exodus in the days of Moses (vv. 12-15). With a torch and fire pot, God passes through the halves of the slaughtered animals, sealing the deal. In ancient times, the parties who were crafting a deal/covenant would walk through the blood and the slaughtered animal pieces to show their commitment to the other. Here, we see only God moving through the blood and pieces of flesh. Abram is just sleeping. Again, this is a Divine Covenant; a one-way deal where God promises the blessings upon Abram and his descendants forever more. The rest of the Scripture is about all this unfolding. Wow! Now that is interesting way to look at it!

PRAYER: “Almighty God and Father, long ago Abram looked up at the star filled sky and You showed him that his descendants would out number them. I suppose thousands of years ago, Abram saw a star You had lit for me (v.5). Help me take time to listen to this song as a prayer from my heart to Yours. Amen.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-b7TQMoZsM  “Step by Step” – Rich Mullins (note especially the 2nd verse)

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