Anxious? Hope is Here!

Life in 2020Our life here in America and throughout the world is changing rapidly.  The anxiety level is rising.  When we get through this pandemic, will we simply return to normal?  Was our normal . . . a good thing?  Perhaps, yes.  Perhaps, no.  Perhaps there are things in life we wish were different . . . perhaps now is the time to make strides in that direction.  Family & Faith.  Love & Laughter.  God comes to us in all these areas of life.  God is life.  God is our hope.  God is our peace for anxious hearts and minds.  Trust Him.  Follow Him.

In the midst of grocery store chaos, the bombardment of COVID-19 news, and the spewing forth of political poison by media’s talking heads, I’m hearing stories of families reconnecting and expressing their love for one another, sometimes of things long overdue.  I’m hearing stories from other pastors about their church members reconnecting with the elderly via phone calls, handwritten cards with words of encouragement.  I’m grateful to the people who are humble before God and express their love for others.  Along with anxiety levels rising, the important things in life are rising to the surface . . . even higher.

We are all doing things differently now.  Technology is now even more vital to our communication.   Online conference calls are rapidly growing in usage.  Churches who never videoed their worship services are now jumping into this reality.  Teachers are developing more and more lessons for online and being used at home (gives homework a new meaning.)  Through it all, God still reigns.  Through it all, it is well with my soul.  Through it all, Jesus is my hope, my rock, my Shepherd who makes me lie down in green pastures and leads me beside still waters.  He restores my soul.  

Rejoice in the Lord, always, dear friends.  For Jesus is Immanuel (God With Us) . . . now.  Yes, even now.

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