“You’re Not Alone in Your Thanksgiving”

Whether or not one is surrounded by people this img_1212Thanksgiving, some folks will feel lonely.  Deep down.  In the heart.  In the gut – loneliness.  Yet God is there, surrounding His people with Grace, Mercy, Peace and Joy!  Although true, it may be hard to see sometimes.  In the midst of chaotic times, people often fail to see God. Yet the Bible speaks about how God surrounds His people, now and forever.  The chaos and loneliness of this world won’t block out the rays of Hope and Love of the Lord.  The Truth remains, although at times unseen by His people or the people of the world, for that matter.  The Truth remains abundant; it surrounds us all!

May the love of the Father, the warmth of the Son, and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit strengthen you today and always! May your Thanksgiving be filled with laughter and joy!!!  Laugh hard!  Eat lots!  Love passionately!  Happy Thanksgiving!

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, from this time on and forevermore. Psalm 125:2

The photo was taken just 30 minutes ago this afternoon on Thanksgiving Eve at St. John, Cypress.  A gorgeous day!

2 thoughts on ““You’re Not Alone in Your Thanksgiving”

  1. Hi Pastor! You have no idea just how meaningful your words are. We have felt the loneliness you’ve described. I wish we could be at church tonight and tomorrow! We are traveling to my dad’s where Mark and I will spend Thanksgiving. Thank you for writing and always pointing to our real HOPE! We will see you Sunday! Thanksgiving Blessings to you and yours!


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