A New Beginning . . . Again?! Genesis 13

Ever need a ‘new beginning’? Especially after some difficult times? Bad choices? Following the encounter with Pharaoh, where Abram made some bad choices, he is on the move again, going from one place to another and he returns to a certain place between Bethel and Ai, where he first built an altar to the LORD after receiving the initial call from God (chpt 12). Abram left Egypt with an abundance of wealth, and so did his nephew, Lot. When they realized the land couldn’t support them and their herds

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(along with the fact that their herdsman were quarreling), Abram and Lot decided to separate. Lot was given the opportunity to decide where he and his family would settle. He chose one direction (near Sodom, before it was destroyed) which was a very fertile land, well watered and lush (yet the hearts of the people were wicked). Interesting how people can live among great blessing and yet their hearts grow wicked toward the LORD.

Abram heard the LORD’S call again, saying all the land which he could see would be given him. God is basically restating the covenant He made with Abram of land, offspring and a blessing to the nations. Abram goes forth and settles in a new spot, near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron, where he built an altar to the LORD.

Again, another altar built. Again, in a new spot. Again, time for a new beginning.

You’ve had those moments too, haven’t you? Where you needed a new beginning and God led you to a good place where you had the opportunity to be faithful to Him. Today may just be that day. A day for you to build an altar to the Lord in your heart and worship Him. Perhaps it is finding a local church that believes God’s Word and worships Him in truth and Spirit. May God lead you to a new beginning, to His glory & your good.

PRAYER: “Gracious God, You have led Your people for generations. Help me to see the direction You lead me today. Help me to trust in Your ways. Help me to use the gifts You’ve blessed me, my wealth, intellect, passion, etc., to honor You above all things. For in this world, it is difficult to be faithful. So, by Your Spirit, strengthen me. In the strong and precious name of Jesus. Amen.”

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